Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company has adopted contemporary concepts of management systems which ensure a working environment socially, environmentally and ethically compliant for the workforce. As a company we feel a strong sense of social responsibility, entitled as “Helping the poor” we are dedicated to improving the lives of the people. We serve and the health of our communities.

We are also committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and all who are affected by our business operations .We are committed as a company and an individual, to obeying the laws , respecting diverse cultures and having appositive impact on the lives of the people in the communities where we do business. H &F Fashion Ltd. has proven to be a true friend to many of the communities where it operates in time of need. Our prime principles are brought to life everyday through our efforts to improve the health of the healthcare system, support those in need ,take step to protect the environment, maintain a diverse workforce.

Corporate Social Responsibility
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