Primary aim of business is not to earn profit but to serve people-the customer and the society at large—to fulfill their needs. Our Ethics and Compliance department are maintaining these standards.

Ethics and Compliance

H&F Fashion Ltd. Believe the importance of ethical business decisions are seen in the company’s life and development. Companies who behave in socially acceptable manners are more likely to enjoy long-term success against those who do business for profit. A positive corporate image is achieved when people learn to trust and have faith in the company which eventually translates into monetary figures by an increase of sales.

This Code and all relevant corporate policies apply to everyone who conducts business on behalf of H&F Fashion Limited, including associates and Board of Directors, regardless of seniority or location. We are all responsible for reading and understanding our Code. We also expect our business partners to follow similar principles, and we aim to work only with those who meet our exacting standards.

The value of ethics is more important than anything else, we have an underlying and long standing commitment to ethical trading, based upon the firm belief that business can be both profitable and responsible. H&F Fashion recognizes that many ethical and trading issues cannot be solved overnight. However we strongly believe that gradual, sustainable and significant change is an achievable goal. We can influence greater change with a wider collaboration of efforts than through individual initiates

Ethical conduct

Director and employees of the company including all stakes must help to create and maintain a culture of high ethical and professional standard they are also expected to-

  1. Conduct business operation
  2. Not to conduct own selves in a manner as may bring disrepute to office or furnish the reputation and the image of the company.

All of our factories are 100% BSCI, SEDEX, WRAP, ACCORD approved and undergoes regular audits and checks to ensure safe and healthy working environment. We consider the needs of present and future generations and we aware that our entire products must be conducted in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Code of Conduct

Code of conduct reflects upon the ethical culture of an organization, which is taken from the company mission statement. A company success is largely based on the ongoing commitment to some values and its fair and transparent approach to business.

H&F Fashion Ltd has initiated a code of conduct for its business dealings and as a way of obey rules of the apparel industry. This Code sets out the basic standard of conduct expected of all staff (including company directors, full-time staff, part-time staff and temporary workers) employed by the Company and its subsidiaries, and the Company’s policy on acceptance of advantage and handling of conflict of interest when dealing with the Company’s business.

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